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OneTouch was founded by our team with over 80 years of combined automotive retail, RV, and software design experience, by car people for car people. We designed OneTouch out of a necessity to match the digital retail experience with the in-dealership experience. We could no longer stand to see the modern car buying experience consistently let down by decades old technology and faulty integrations. As today's customers demand a faster, more streamlined car buying experience, we created our OneTouch platform to allow our dealership partners to perfectly meet that need.

We are driven to help dealers combine their customer's digital retail experience with their in-dealership operations. 

About us

The One Touch System

We created what every other company in the industry wishes they had: a comprehensive, user friendly CRM, DMS, F&I Menu, and Reporting platform that was built from the ground up by a team with decades of true retail experience.



In the increasingly evolving world of automotive and RV retail, shouldn’t you expect a software platform be able to keep up with how you do business? One Touch allows you to keep up with your customers’ demands for a faster, more efficient buying experience. 

Built with the most advanced technology available and an understanding of how dealerships operate in today’s market, our comprehensive system will provide unparalleled value to both your employees and customers alike.  Our intuitive platform allows your team to take a prospect from the initial lead phase all the way through delivery faster than ever previously possible. 



As a Dealer Principal or General Manager, reporting is a vital part of running your organization. We built One Touch with the understanding of “Garbage in, Garbage out” and that what you measure, gets managed. Because of this, we eliminated data redundancy and ensured what flows through to your reports is clean, accurate data in real time. 



Nothing is more important than you and your customer’s data security. Why let multiple companies have access to your data and force your employees to use outdated and inefficient services? Or worse, choose a platform that has been patched together through acquisitions that create holes in its security ability?  We built One Touch on Microsoft’s awarding winning cloud platform, Azure, to allow for the highest possible security structure.  

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