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Are You Ready to Love Your Dealership’s Software?

Our intuitive and easy to use platform helps you sell more vehicles by streamlining your entire sales process.


Tired of needing countless windows just to do business? OneTouch is a feature rich platform built specifically to match your dealership’s sales process.


We get it, most dealers would rather have a root canal then change CRM or DMS providers. Because OneTouch is so easy to use, we have your team up and running in days rather than weeks or months. 


Whether on our dealer app, tablet, or logging into OneTouch from your office, your dealerships operations are just a click away.


Because we keep your dealership’s core software in one platform, we immediately eliminate thousands of dollars in monthly vendor and integration fees as well as provide a “one stop shop” for your enterprise software.

Our Advantage
Car Dashboard Screen
We created what every other provider in the industry wishes they had: a comprehensive user friendly CRM, DMS, F&I Menu, and Reporting platform, built from the ground up by our team with over 80 years of combined retail automotive, RV, and software development experience.
Why Do You Need One Touch?

Mobile App

Supercharge your sales process with our OneTouch mobile app. Driver’s License and VIN scanning allow your team to start the sales process from anywhere.


Feature rich and comprehensive CRM automates lead entry, task management, and customer follow up. Independently manage showroom, remote, and internet leads.  

Desking and Quoting Engine

Easy to use desking tool allows you to present up to 27 payment structures. Quickly view front and back end profit for any payment. Desking tool sends the exact same deal to F&I for delivery.

Finance Dashboard & CRM

F&I dashboard provides immediate deal access and eliminates double entry. Immediately print all deal forms with one click. Separate CRM manages deal flow and automates follow up.

F&I Menu

Embedded F&I menu allows for a seamless presentation, rating, and contracting experience. Product selection instantly updates deal structure and payment.

Customized Reporting

Custom reporting available for virtually any KPI. Manage YoY and MoM sales data, track your lead source breakdown, and manage your marketing ROI per source.


NADA “List to Book” feature shows the dollar and percent spread on your inventory. Sort by days in stock, year, make, model, and color. Inventory syndication to any 3rd party website.

Are you ready to maximize your employee’s efficiency? 
Spend more time driving sales and activities that contribute to your bottom line.

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